Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Logitech Harmony 659 Remote Update...Still Happy!

While I am blogging, I wanted to provide an update to my initial posting on the Logitech Harmony 659 Remote. I recently purchased a DViCO TViX Box to play our backed up DVDs, which are stored on our home computer, on our living room HDTV. This meant that I needed to update the remote's activities. We moved the previous PS3 solution upstairs, so this means that we no longer needed the Play Video Games activity and needed to edit the Watch a Movie action.

The laptop on which I had previously installed the Harmony software had crashed and been replaced by a new on. However, it was very easy to re-setup the remote control. It had the TViX box information and I was able to set it up easily once I figured out what category the device was listed in. Nice and easy. I didn't have to learn any codes from the original remote.

After several months of use, one of the best features of the remote is the Help function. Invariably, the kids turn things off without using the remote, causing the remote to be out of sync with the power and input states of our home theater equipment. However, a press of the Help button and a few steps solves the problem and puts the remote back in sync.

I had previously used a HomeTheaterMaster remote which was nice, but pales in comparison to the Logitech Harmony remote. This specific model doesn't appear to be available at Tiger Direct any longer, but is available via or one of their suppliers.

Three months later and I am still a very happy owner. I just wish they were cheaper so I could buy one for every TV in the house!


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